When run on Apple Watch, Siri shortcuts only seem to take you to the corresponding app, without running the action. For instance: running a Workflow shortcut only opened the workflow app on my watch.

Also bummed Apple didn’t get rid of the super annoying, full screen “CARPLAY” notice when you plug in to your car. Just why?

Since there is no volume HUD change in iOS 12, we must come to terms that Apple is straight up trolling us now, right?

🤔I wonder if Siri Shortcuts are powerful enough for music services (i.e. Spotify) to play specific media. Presently, only Apple Music can play via Siri request.

I don’t know why, but I’ve never got into the habit of using an RSS reader. Something about it just doesn’t grab me.

I can’t get over how fluid iOS 12 is. No dropped frames, everything is like butter, and Face ID even seems faster/more consistent.

How does this still not work on watchOS 5? It’s not like Find My Friends isn’t an app on the Watch.

‘Twas the night before dub-dub
And all through the valley
Not a developer was sleeping
Not even a script kiddie…