Just now found out about the Apple Maps outage. And here I was blaming it on the beta when search failed this morning…

Wish iOS Spotlight was quicker to get to in all situations, especially now with expanded Siri suggestions. I miss the tiny pull down you could perform on the notification shade in iOS 10 to show this interface (see link).

I want to buy whoever thought of the iOS 3D Touch cursor trackpad ALL THE BEERS. Has to be my favorite/most used ancillary feature.

Apple Watch-as-key combined with Siri watch face shortcuts would be such a powerful combo. Hopefully one day soon.

ARKit 2 clearly sets the stage for eventual AR glasses, but here’s a little quandary I’ve been thinking about. Will we be compelled to wear them 24/7? I can see their purpose overlapping a bit with Apple Watch.

Sweet discovery: in iOS 12, you can tell Siri “Show my passwords”, which takes you straight to the Passwords & Accounts > Website & App Passwords screen, after a Face ID or Touch ID prompt.

Interesting observation: lots of people are setting up Siri shortcuts to call a family member (e.g. ‘Call Wife’). Apparently they didn’t know Siri could do this for years just by telling her who’s related to you.

Whoa, how have I never heard about Notion? Looks like a combo of Agenda, Things, and Wiki. Digging in now…