@eli Great list of Micro.blog resources! I made this simple Workflow widget for a simple text post to WordPress with predefined Micro.blog criteria (i.e. I’m using the ‘Status’ post type and ‘Microblog’ category).

Just heard a radio ad where they ask Google Assistant for something, but it’s Siri’s old voice that responds. Gotta love it.

Should be a Model 3 owner about this time next year. Excited to join the EV revolution!

I’m so done with Apple Watch apps being out of sync with their iPhone app. watchOS 5 better fix this. It’s a huge detriment to problems the watch tries to solve.

On Microsoft Surface Hub 2: We keep seeing these kinds of things, but who actually uses them? I don’t think the timing is right for a product like this. Large businesses move too slowly to drive adoption.

Realized the ‘post to Micro.blog via WordPress workflow’ I wrote can be used from Apple Watch without handoff. In other words, I can dictate a status update and post from my wrist. Sweet!