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Archive for July 2017

Former Google SVP praises iPhone camera over Android
July 31

More price analysis on the iPhone 8
July 31

Essential loses its Head of UX to Google
July 28

Last Pod Standing
July 28

How Jony Ive Masterminded Apple’s New Headquarters
July 26

Feature Request: smart assistant adaptive volume and stringed requests for smart home devices
July 25

Inside Andy Rubin’s Quest to Create an OS for Everything
July 25

iOS 11 will no longer auto-join shoddy Wi-Fi networks
July 24

The Rock x Siri Dominate the Day
July 24

The Rock and Siri to star in Apple commercial tomorrow
July 23

Apple Watch Series 3 could be the iPhone 4 of its line
July 21

Verizon admits to throttling LTE data for video
July 21

CCIA tech advocacy group supports Apple in Qualcomm lawsuit
July 20

You should not force quit apps on iOS
July 19

Apple’s Machine Learning Journal
July 19

Google Glass Enterprise Edition
July 18

Amazon Echo Show Review
July 17

We have entered ‘iPhone Silly Season’
July 14

Net Neutrality Day of Action
July 12

Windows Phone dies today
July 12

2017 Google Pixel XL Mockup
July 11

Announcing Fatherboard: the official Gaddgict podcast.
July 11

Original Apple Watch repair service extended for loose back cover problems
July 11

Notification Center tweaked in iOS 11 beta 3
July 10

Swiping up to force quit apps returns to iPad in iOS 11 beta 3.
July 10

Walt Mossberg’s Exit Interview
July 10

John Gruber speculates on pricing for this year’s new iPhone models.
July 07

HomePod technology analyzed by audiophiles on Reddit
July 06

NY Times: Apple Park attracting tourists, increasing development and home values
July 05

Kuo and Gurman: No Touch ID for ‘iPhone 8’
July 04

U.S. denies visas for Afghanistan’s all-girl robotics team
July 03

An Apple A Day
July 02