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Archive for June 2017

3D Touch gesture for App Switcher deliberately removed from iOS 11
June 30

Apple: Reaction to ARKit is ‘unbelievable’
June 29

iPhone prototypes revealed by original software keyboard programmer
June 29

Pricey Nest Cam IQ available for $299
June 28

iPad Drama: Cynicism and Technology
June 27

Review Roundup: Amazon Echo Show
June 26

Happy tenth birthday, iPhone!
June 25

Modern device repairability or: How I learned to stop worrying and love fixed components
June 21

Video: interview with Scott Forstall and original iPhone Engineers
June 21

Scott Forstall interview to be live streamed tonight
June 20

PayPal’s CEO seems awfully defensive about Apple Pay’s person-to-person payments feature
June 20

Scott Forstall interview tonight, ‘The One Device’ launches
June 20

Apple’s Music app still doesn’t have a real equalizer
June 19

Ring Video Doorbell 2 announced with removable battery
June 19

Surface boss says iPad Pro is a ‘clear example’ of Apple following Microsoft
June 17

iPad Pro 10.5-inch Review
June 16

watchOS 4 automatically switches to corresponding audio app
June 15

June 20: Scott Forstall, original iPhone engineers to discuss iPhone’s genesis
June 15

Apple plots medical record integration with iPhone
June 15

Apple's focus on 'autonomous systems'
June 13

Review Roundup: iPad Pro 2017
June 12

Tim Cook interview with MIT Technology Review
June 09

'The Talk Show Live from WWDC 2017'
June 09

Home Smart Home (Part I)
June 08

Bullish on iPad
June 07

The best of Apple's WWDC 2017 announcements
June 06

Planet of the Apps debuts tonight
June 06

WWDC 2017 starts in about an hour
June 05

WWDC 2017 Expectations
June 01