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Archive for May 2017

Siri Smart Speaker reportedly enters manufacturing
May 31

More info on Essential Phone and Home
May 31

Thoughts on new Essential Phone and Home products
May 30

Walt Mossberg's last column: The Disappearing Computer
May 28

Gaddgict JSON Feed (Updated 5.27)
May 26

'Something big' coming May 30th from startup founded by Android co-founder Andy Rubin
May 25

Apple updates firmware for AirPods
May 24

The iPhone 8's 'home button'
May 23

In the market for a MacBook or iPad? Wait a couple weeks.
May 21

Despite public concerns, the FCC will begin repealing Net Neutrality regulations
May 19

Apple AirPods Review
May 18

The Verge: The 6 big updates coming to Google Home
May 17

Google Assistant app arrives on iPhone to challenge Siri
May 17

Apple Today launches with in-store classes
May 16

Apple updates Operating Systems for multiple devices
May 15

Apple publishes how-to videos for shooting on iPhone
May 12

Microsoft announces new Fluent Design System
May 11

Tesla Reveals Solar Roof Pricing
May 11

Net Neutrality and You
May 10

CNET: Voice call functionality coming to Echo devices and Alexa app today
May 09

Amazon introduces Echo Show smart speaker with touchscreen for $229
May 09

WSJ: Amazon Echo with touchscreen to be announced as early as tomorrow for $200+
May 08

Google is working on a new smartphone Operating System dubbed Fuchsia
May 08

Report: 'No Delay' for launch of iPhone 7s and 8
May 08

iPhone 8 Rumors: screen, Touch ID, and Augmented Reality
May 07

Amazon's touchscreen Echo device leaks
May 05

Amazon Video app may finally arrive on Apple TV
May 05

Apple Music needs a force-upload option (or equivalent)
May 04

The Microsoft Surface Laptop *looks* nice
May 03

Apple Watch apps disappear
May 02

The Rumored Siri Speaker
May 02