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Archive for 2017

TechCrunch: Apple to acquire Shazam
December 08

Jony Ive resumes direct management of Apple Design team
December 08

Apple Pay Cash slowly rolls out
December 04

Fatherboard Episode 007: Oh No, It’s A Mac
December 04

Apple releases iOS 11.2 with Apple Pay Cash to address date and time bug, other fixes
December 02

iPhone date and time bug causing random ‘resprings’
December 01

The Power of RAW on iPhone
November 30

Google Home can now handle two commands at once
November 30

Apple releases major security fix for macOS High Sierra
November 29

Welcome to One-Tech Mind
November 29

F.C.C. Plans Net Neutrality Repeal in Victory for Telecoms
November 21

Google collects Android users’ locations even when location services are disabled
November 21

Pixel Buds sound like more bad design work by Google
November 20

Apple pushes HomePod release to early 2018
November 17

iPhone X Review: Magic Glass
November 16

Fatherboard Episode 006: UPS Guy Hunting
November 11

iPhone 8 and iPhone X are primed to usher in wireless CarPlay
November 07

Fake WhatsApp on Google Play Store downloaded by over one million
November 05

iPhone X Tidbits
November 03

iPhone X — A Guided Tour
November 03

iPhone X Review Strategy and Roundup
November 01

How I write and publish Gaddgict with iPad Pro and Editorial
October 28

Best Buy has a ridiculous reason for selling iPhone X $100 above retail
October 27

October 26

Fatherboard Episode 005: Since You Exited The Womb
October 24

iPhone X to be available for walk-in purchase on November 3
October 24

John Hancock extends $25 Apple Watch offer to all customers
October 23

Essential Phone price already reduced by $200
October 22

iPhone X pre-approvals for iPhone Upgrade Program begin on October 23
October 20

Hope for the Mac mini
October 19

Apple needs to address the MacBook keyboard problem
October 18

Microsoft launches Surface Book 2
October 17

Review Roundup: Google Pixel 2
October 17

The developers of Astropad made a button out of the iPad’s camera
October 16

Why you shouldn’t worry about the Krack WPA2 flaw
October 16

Google will ‘permanently remove’ Home Mini feature that led to constant recording
October 11

Tim Cook on Augmented Reality pervasiveness and glasses
October 10

Kuo predicts TrueDepth Camera and Face ID for 2018 iPads
October 09

Apple does not intentionally slow down old iPhones
October 06

Death to Push Notification Spam
October 06

Apple releases watchOS 4.0.1 to address captive Wi-Fi portal bug
October 05

Google Home Night Mode will lower volume and lights during specified times
October 03

Why Apple’s chips are faster than Qualcomm’s
October 02

Clearing up the iPhone ‘FM Radio’ situation
September 29

Fatherboard Episode 004: Appearing Out Of Thin Air
September 27

Google and Levi’s made a connected jacket monstrosity
September 26

Apple Watch Series 3 Review: A Coming Of Age Story
September 26

Apple switches Siri and Spotlight Search provider from Bing to Google
September 25

How Apple Prepares for iPhone Day
September 22

Review Roundup: iPhones 8 and Apple TV 4K
September 21