Thursday, March 22, 2018

How to create your own HomeKit camera with a Raspberry Pi and Homebridge →

Andrew O’Hara for AppleInsider:

This project was built using HomeBridge. HomeBridge is a lightweight server that runs on the Raspberry Pi and emulates the iOS HomeKit API, bringing support to your own projects or (via plugins) to products that don’t currently interface with HomeKit or Siri.

For those who like to really tinker, it isn’t especially difficult to install HomeBridge yourself. However, we wanted this project to be accessible for anyone, so we’ve provided our own custom disk image for you to use.

The disk image we provide will include a copy of Raspbian Lite (the Raspberry Pi’s operating system), the necessary plugins and components for HomeBridge, as well as a few customizations to make the experience better.

Really great tutorial with a huge bang-for-your-buck factor. I’ve been meaning to try this myself, so maybe this will be just the nudge I need. HomeBridge works very well on my Pi; I use it to control my Nest Thermostat.