Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Welcome to One-Tech Mind

Finding My Way

I’ve always wanted to do something creative with my technical knowledge, but I never came up with a compelling enough idea to put myself to task. I always thought that if I could just think of the perfect name for whatever my thing was going to be, that it would just hit me. That’s exactly what happened with Gaddgict.

I remember waking up one day this past April with the name in my head. It sounded perfect, or so I thought. Inspired by the mainstays of tech blogging and/or podcasting (e.g. John Gruber, Jason Snell, Marco Arment, Walt Mossberg, Jim Dalrymple, Dave Mark, and others), I decided to start a tech blog — in 2017 — employing an ‘if you build it, they will come’ sort of approach.

Harnessing the ‘move fast and break things’ adage, I jumped right into it. I had considered a few other names before making sure Gaddgict was the best choice. 1 Before I knew it, I bought the domain, spun up a server, and designed the logo in the car during a road trip to the Bay Area.

I have learned a ton in the past seven months since Gaddgict launched, but something kept nagging me about the name. Now, I love a good portmanteau, 2 but Gaddgict didn’t seem to fit with what I’m trying to accomplish with my writing. It also didn’t sound as credible to me as I am striving to be. Plus, there were other … marketing problems: the portmanteau gets lost when verbalized, I’d have to spell it out letter by letter, it’s hard to remember, need I say more. Suffice it to say, I decided ’Gaddgict’ as a brand wasn’t a good fit.

Perhaps one day Gaddgict will find its true purpose.

Why One-Tech Mind?

For three summer breaks during my High School years, I interned at the technical trade school my Dad worked for. He wore a few hats there, but lastly served as the IT Manager. During my first summer there, while learning DOS commands and installing Windows 98, I was obsessed with building my first [gaming] computer from scratch. I scoured the Fry’s ad on Friday and checked Newegg constantly, desperately trying to piece together the perfect budget-friendly rig.

I wouldn’t stop once we left work, because for me, this subject matter wasn’t work. On our drives home, I continued to be a broken record full of “what ifs” and “what do you thinks”, most likely driving my Dad crazy. Suffice it to say, my Dad has always said I have a one-track mind. It’s true — I am incredibly obsessive by nature. Once I get locked on a subject, good luck pulling me away from it. That has always been the case with technology.

No name could ever reflect who I am better than One-Tech Mind. I grew up on computing towards the end of the DOS days and look incredibly forward to each new step we take towards the future of computing — in whichever shape it takes form.

Thanks for joining me for the ride. There’s plenty more to come.

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  1. Narrator: It wasn’t. 
  2. Hopefully you got it (gadget + addict).