Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Apple needs to address the MacBook keyboard problem

Quite a few folks chimed in on a growing issue with the MacBook and MacBook Pro butterfly keyboard yesterday. Already polarizing in terms of key travel and feel, there seems to be underlying issues with the technology or implementation on a large scale.

Casey Johnston for The Outline:

[…] There were no mysteriously faulty innerworkings. It was the spacebar. It was broken. And not even physically broken — it still moved and acted normally. But every time I pressed it once, it spaced twice.

“Maybe it’s a piece of dust,” the Genius had offered. The previous times I’d been to the Apple Store for the same computer with the same problem — a misbehaving keyboard — Geniuses had said to me these exact same nonchalant words, and I had been stunned into silence, the first time because it seemed so improbable to blame such a core problem on such a small thing, and the second time because I couldn’t believe the first time I was hearing this line that it was not a fluke. […]

Stephen Hackett for 512 Pixels:

As outlined in the most recent episode of Connected, the keyboard on my Late 2016, 13-inch TouchBar-equipped MacBook Pro is not doing well.

A couple of weeks ago, its i key started feeling a little sticky. This keyboard does not boast a large amount of travel, but this key was barely moving at all when pressed.

One of the tiny arms that the key cap clips onto is broken. My nearly $2,000 laptop that I bought less than a year ago is now missing a key, as I shared with our Connected audience this weekend before using an iBook G3 for the rest of the sho

I fully understand this because I am experiencing nearly the same thing on my 15-inch 2016 MacBook Pro. For the past few weeks, the ‘Q’ key has become what can only be described as ‘stuck’. That is to say that half the time I press it, there’s a noticeable snag before the key actually depresses accompanied by a garish CLACK sound as the key travels downward. I have carefully removed the key and sprayed the hell out of the switch a couple times to no avail. Upon close inspection, there doesn’t seem to be any debris, so the whole situation is maddening. I have been putting off a trip to the Apple Store, but I will unfortunately have to take it in.

I don’t mind the actual shallow key travel too much, but I prefer the feel of the iPad Pro Smart Keyboard over it.

Marco Arment also chimed in with the following on Twitter:

Apple needs to do two things, in my opinion:

  1. Offer free ‘sticky key’ repairs for all 2016/2017 MacBooks and MacBook Pros beyond current warranty periods.
  2. Fix the design for the next iteration. There is something really flawed here if the low-profile key is more prone to dust and debris issues than a higher profile one.

The MacBook line has largely been viewed as neglected over the past couple years, so this really adds insult to injury. If Apple does nothing, they’re just begging for a class action lawsuit.