Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Please don’t call it ‘iPhone Edition’ →

Seth Weintraub for 9to5Mac:

I’m here at IFA in Berlin, Germany which opens to the public today. Behind the scenes I’ve been discussing the upcoming iPhone launch on September 12th with many case vendors. At least two have heard, and have moved on, knowledge of the upcoming iPhone nomenclature and some details which they’ve separately learned from sources in Shenzhen who claim to have seen the new iPhone packaging.

First and most importantly, these people believe the names of the iPhones will be:

  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone Edition

One casemaker has updated their internal SKUs based on the information and is actively printing packaging which I was able to see in the form of preliminary artwork. The other had made sticker labels which they were showing to their retail partners behind closed doors. Both makers requested anonymity for obvious reasons.

iPhone 8/8 Plus I can get behind, as I really don’t care for the ‘S’ branding. However, in my opinion, the ‘Edition’ moniker is the worst branding Apple has ever used. The word simply makes no sense in this context. 1 Now, Apple has arguably used the ‘Pro’ moniker more loosely as of late, but at least the word is logical.

‘iPhone Edition’ implies a few things:

  • It is a version of a base product (i.e. Apple Phone, iPhone Edition). Dumb.
  • It is the top-tier version of its line.
  • It is the most expensive version of its line.

The last two are most likely true, but I think ‘Edition’ sends the wrong message when it comes to iPhone. If you think how it’s used now, Apple Watch Edition is only in reference to price and materials. It is equal in every other way to other Apple Watch versions. Conversely, the iPhone 8 (as we’ve been calling it) is going to be extremely different than the 7S/7S Plus in more than just price and materials (screen shape, UI/UX, buttons, and more). When used in this context, ‘Edition’ also implies a sense of gaudy superiority that I just don’t care for.

While nothing is official until September 12, I really hope they don’t call it iPhone Edition.

  1. I’m looking at you, Apple Watch Edition.