Friday, September 1, 2017

Juicero, maker of the $400 connected juicer, is shutting down →

Ashley Carman for The Verge:

Juicero, the company that made its name by creating a proprietary juice-squeezing machine, is shutting down. The announcement comes from Juicero’s website. In its post, the company writes that it is suspending the sale of both its juice packets and its Juicero Press device. The last juice packet delivery will occur next week. All customers have up to 90 days to request a refund for their purchase of the Juicero Press, regardless of when they bought it. Fortune reports that employees are being given 60 days notice.

I’m surprised Juicero lasted this long. The packets of juice were squeezable by hand, rendering the $400 juicer completely pointless. 1 This is what happens when companies get greedy by focusing so much on just the trends (connected device, subscription model, etc.). Not that I want to see anyone fail, but I’m glad the market didn’t fall prey to this lousy attempt at a cash grab.

Sadly, I’m sure there will be other Juiceros down the line, given the obsession to connect literally everything to the Internet.

  1. Original price was a criminal $699.