Ring Video Doorbell 2 announced with removable battery

Ring announced version two of their popular Video Doorbell (non-Pro version) today. The biggest upgrade comes in the form of a removable, rechargeable battery. This differs from the original Video Doorbell, which required removal of the unit in order to recharge, and the Video Doorbell Pro, which is hardwired to power. Other upgraded features include a 1080p camera and improved night vision.

I have the Video Doorbell Pro, and have been really happy with it. Video Doorbell 2 looks like a great solution for renters, or if you simply don’t want to run new electrical for the Doorbell Pro. Curiously, the Video Doorbell 2 doesn’t seem to support the faster 5GHz Wi-Fi spectrum like the Pro does. This is most likely is being used to differentiate the lines, but not throwing in a 5GHz-capable radio seems pretty weak.

Even though Ring’s cloud recording1 is a closed system, it’s pretty affordable at $3 per month (per camera) or $10 a month for unlimited cameras.

The Ring Video Doorbell 2 is available today for $199.

  1. Stores all video from motion alerts, doorbell rings, and anytime you access the camera.