Thursday, June 15, 2017

June 20: Scott Forstall, original iPhone engineers to discuss iPhone’s genesis →

Everyone’s a-buzz about the iPhones tenth anniversary, and rightfully so. The Computer History Museum in Mountain View announced they will be hosting a conversation, ‘Putting Your Finger On It: Creating the iPhone’ on June 20. Guests include original iPhone Engineers Nitin Ganatra, Scott Herz, Hugo Fiennes, as well as original iPhone Software Team Leader Scott Forstall in conversation with John Markoff, Museum Historian.

How did iPhone come to be? On June 20, four members of the original development team will discuss the secret Apple project, which in the past decade has remade the computer industry, changed the business landscape, and become a tool in the hands of more than a billion people around the world.

This announcement comes after the now-refuted words of Brian Merchant’s book, ‘The One Device: The Secret History of the iPhone’, set to arrive on June 20 as well. If you haven’t read the excerpt, it’s quite interesting. Just take anything written about Apple with a grain of salt, as evidenced.

6/15/17 at 7:44am Pacific

In a special episode of the Vergecast, Brian Merchant says:

“So I wasn’t in the room at Apple 10, 15 years ago when this would have happened,” says Merchant, who has the exchange on tape. “But this is a quote verbatim as Tony Fadell who was in the room told it to me. He told me this quote in such detail and he gave such a vivid account, and I had no reason to believe it was untrue.”

Scott Forstall faded into the crowd after his departure from Apple. The last we heard, he was producing Broadway musicals (‘Fun Home’ and ‘Eclipse’, to note). He even won a Tony for ‘Fun Home’.

There’s no doubt how integral Scott was to the creation of the iPhone’s software, but his leave from Apple was less than amicable. This should be a really interesting interview from his perspective, as well as the engineers.