Friday, June 30, 2017

3D Touch gesture for App Switcher deliberately removed from iOS 11 →

Confirmed by Apple Engineering via a bug filed by @irace on Twitter:

This actually pisses me off. I used this SO much before iOS 11 and had been hoping it was only a bug or temporary. It seems this is sadly not the case. For the unfamiliar, this was a fantastic gesture that proved even faster than using the home button to engage the App Switcher and last app. It was a somewhat hidden gesture. Even though it was demoed in the iOS 10 keynote, most people don’t know it exists because it’s not intuitive and there are no indicators the gesture exists. However, it was awesome for those that did know of it.

How it worked

  • 3D Touch the very left edge of the screen/bezel.
    • If you did this again, the App Switcher would ‘pop’ into view.
    • Alternatively, if you then dragged your finger about halfway to the right, the App Switcher would appear.
    • Alternatively, if you then dragged your finger all the way to the right, you would end up in the last used app.

Part of me wonders if this will either be re-introduced as an iPhone 8-only feature or if it’s making room for another edge gesture. If the rumors are true and the iPhone 8 has an edge-to-edge screen with no home button, my bet is a 3D Touch edge gesture on the bottom bezel will replace this functionality. We’re already halfway there with a non-moving home button and an improved Haptic Engine in the iPhone 7.

Either way, I will seriously miss this gesture. Having to retrain my muscle memory to use the home button every time has been a bit annoying.