Microsoft announces new Fluent Design System

Microsoft unveiled its new Fluent Design System today at its annual Build conference. Fluent Design is Microsoft’s next-generation design language that more closely resembles Apple’s iOS aesthetic and Google’s Material Design. With blurred effects, shadows, transparency, and more, this is more of the UI design trend we’ve become accustomed to in recent years. In fact, Apple is expected to introduce UI changes for iOS 11 at their upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) on June 5, and Google is working on a new smartphone Operating System called Fuchsia, with a new UI.

Elements of the Fluent Design System will be rolled out in phases among Windows, iOS, and Android apps. Some existing Windows apps have already received elements of the Fluent Design System via update, and Windows itself will be receiving larger elements and more in the [Fall Creators Update later this year][4].

I like what we’ve seen of Fluent Design so far. It hearkens back to the Aero glass days with Windows Vista, but as a more matured and better utilized aesthetic. Looking forward to seeing how beneficial it is on the desktop.

Fluent Design Email

Fluent Design for Email – Credit: Microsoft

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